Cut-Art-Laser Technologies Ltd can supply cutting service for diffrent types of materials
It also allows the customer to buy and supply the material himself which means having cutting service only

Materials intend Laser Cutting

Galvanized steel up to 4 mm

חיתוך לייזר ברזל מגולוון

Aluminium 5052 up to 8 mm

Stainless Steel up to 10 mm

Iron/Steel up to 12 mm

Copper up to 3 mm

Brass up to 2 mm

חיתוך נחושת בלייזר


Profile Perforation

Cast Plexiglas up to 30 mm

Variety of Wood (no Formica nor paint) up to 30 mm

 The type of the material as well as the thickness is importanat component in the cut pricing

Some of the materials will be cut with dissrent kind of gas which effects the pricing

 For your information, as well as the thickness of the material grows the cutting speed reduces and the price changes