All About

Cut-Art Laser Technologies Ltd is a private and intimate company and  was established in 2006 by Anat Schinasi Lemberg.

During 2007 her husband Michael Schinasi Lemberg Joined in and became production manager and the CEO of the company.

The company is a small and unique and it integrates disable workers in order to help them integrate in work cycle and create life living as normal as possible and thus make it contribution to the community.


The partners see eye to eye the fact that the company is a finance base to their family but on the other hand the importance of staying “sane”and ealthy so they keep specializing and practising in two shifts and not 24/7 as their competitors do from the agenda that life is too short and the work should provide for them and not the otherwise in this way they can combine with their passion for work with and their love to their family and life.

Over the years a natural division was created in roles and Anat became the head of Administration including accounting and finance managing, marketing and advertising, and designing and drawing. On the other hand Michael the head of technology and creation,  managing the production and CEO of the company. 

All of this creates a beautiful harmony of proper managing,  expertizing, constant technology improvement,  customer satistaction and its conservation and a real concern to company employees.